Will My Diabetes Cause Problems With My Pregnancy?

Will My Diabetes Cause Problems With My Pregnancy?

Whether you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, pregnancy is both a joyful and critical time. Controlling your blood glucose levels is more important than ever. High blood sugar can make your pregnancy dangerous for both your baby and you. 

At OBGYN Care in Houston, Texas, skilled and caring OB/GYN Sharon Smith, MD, wants your pregnancy to be joyous, healthy, and uneventful. If you have diabetes, she labels your pregnancy as high risk, so you and your baby get the extra care you both need.

Prepare for pregnancy

We recommend all women begin taking a neonatal vitamin with 400 mcg of folic acid daily as soon as they decide they want to have a baby. If you have diabetes, it’s also important to get your blood glucose levels as stable as possible before you try to conceive a child.  

High blood glucose levels affect your developing child and raise the risk of birth defects. Uncontrolled diabetes may increase your baby’s risk for defects in their:

Diabetes also raises the risk for miscarriage, early delivery, or a birth weight that’s too low or too high. Low birth weight is associated with developmental problems.

But if your pregnancy took you by surprise, don’t worry. Call us and your primary care physician right away so we can help you get your blood glucose levels under control and give your pregnancy the attention it deserves.

Your target levels may change

Even if you’ve kept your blood glucose levels in your target range until now, once you’re pregnant, your targets may change. The hormonal shifts of pregnancy influence your blood sugar, too. 

Although your individual needs may vary, common targets for pregnant women with diabetes are:

If you have Type 1 diabetes, your targets may be higher to avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). 

Get ready for other changes, too

Your health care team helps you develop a new management plan during your pregnancy. Changes may include:

Because pregnancy with diabetes is considered high-risk, you also see your OB/GYN more frequently than you would if you didn’t have diabetes. We monitor you closely to make sure you don’t develop high blood pressure or other complications.

Gestational diabetes may recur

Even if you don’t have Type 1 or 2 diabetes, if you developed gestational diabetes during a prior pregnancy, you may develop it again. 

Gestational diabetes is just as dangerous for you and your baby as Types 1 and 2. Call us so we can monitor your blood sugar levels and develop a treatment plan.

If you develop gestational diabetes, it may resolve once you give birth. But in some cases, gestational diabetes evolves into Type 2 diabetes. Check in with your medical team after delivery so we can keep an eye on your blood glucose levels over time.

Be alert to symptoms

While you’re pregnant, it’s even more important than ever to notice changes in your body. Complications of diabetes during pregnancy include:

Let your medical team know right away if you notice any changes in the way you feel or function. 

If you have diabetes now and you’re pregnant or hoping to become so soon, contact our Houston, Texas, office today by phone or online form for a high-risk pregnancy exam and treatment plan.

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