Vampire Facials Versus Fillers: Differences to Consider

Vampire Facials Versus Fillers: Differences to Consider

Unlike your great-grandmothers, who had little choice other than a philosophical shrug when it came to dealing with facial aging, you have almost too many options. 

Cut away redundant, sagging skin with facelift surgery? Restore facial volume with dermal fillers? Or get a Vampire Facial®?

At OBGYN Care in Houston, Texas, we recommend the least invasive, most biological approach to any improvements you want to make. That’s why we offer minimally invasive facial rejuvenation methods, including dermal fillers and the Vampire Facial. 

Which type of facial volume restoration and rejuvenation is best for you? The following questions and answers may help you decide. 

Do you want instant results?

Dermal fillers may be the best solution if you don’t want surgery, but you’ve had it with sagging skin, jowls, and hollow tear troughs and want to look and feel better immediately. 

At OBGYN Care of Houston, we offer two kinds of dermal fillers to immediately restore volume and lift to your face.

Hyaluronic acid-based fillers

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a gooey substance your body produces to attract and retain moisture. When you’re young, your body produces plentiful amounts of HA, which is why your skin is healthy, thick, and glowing, and why your joints move smoothly, too.

But age and sun exposure break down HA. You also produce less and less HA as you age, which leads to a deficit that’s a prime cause of such problems as thin, dry, wrinkled, creased, lackluster, inelastic, and droopy skin.

The HA fillers — including collections by Juvéderm®, Radiesse®, Belotero Balance®, and Restylane® — restore HA to your skin. 

Immediately after your treatment, your skin looks years younger. Depending on your treatment areas, you notice an immediate reduction or disappearance of:

We choose from among the various HA collections as well as the varying thicknesses within each collection to create the improvements you want. 

Thin HA fillers may fill in perioral wrinkles around the mouth, while thick HA fillers can restore midface volume and create higher cheekbones for an instant, nonsurgical facelift.

Collagen-stimulating fillers

Radiesse is another type of dermal filler that has a different mechanism of action than the HA fillers. Rather than suffusing your skin with HA, Radiesse is a gel that contains biocompatible microparticles of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA).

When injected into your skin, the gel immediately acts to restore facial volume. But the CaHA microparticles get to work on a much more important job: They stimulate your skin to ramp up its production of collagen.

Collagen is a long-strand protein that forms the support structure of your skin. Along with collagen, renewal of another protein — elastin — makes your skin more elastic, so it can snap back into and hold its shape, rather than sag and bag.

Do you want a natural, long-lasting improvement?

While collagen-stimulating fillers can do wonders to restore your facial volume over the long term, and HA fillers do so quickly but require a touch-up within months, you have yet another option. 

A Vampire Facial uses the healing powers of your own blood to instigate the same process that a collagen-stimulating filler does.

A Vampire Facial starts with a process called microneedling. While you relax, we clean and numb your face and then pass a microneedling device over your entire face and other areas you want to treat. 

The microneedles quickly and precisely create deep wound channels that stimulate your body to start a rejuvenating healing process. 

We apply a serum called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to your skin, so that the platelets and the proteins and growth factors they contain seep into the deepest layers. 

We create the PRP serum from your your own blood. After withdrawing a small amount of blood from your arm, we use a centrifuge to separate the components of your blood and isolate the platelets, which are the super-powered healing substances.

Over time, your skin rebuilds itself and becomes:

Because we’re an official, certified Vampire Facial provider, we finish your treatment with Altar™, a patented plant extract that increases the microcirculation of the skin. Only certified Vampire Facial providers can use Altar, which:

Altar also contains arginine, an amino acid that maintains, protects, and repairs the skin barrier. 

Do you want the best of both worlds?

When it comes to Vampire Facials and fillers, you really don’t have to choose. You can have both. To set up your facial rejuvenation, contact our Houston, Texas, office today.

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