Resolve to Turn Back the Clock With the Powerful Duo of Microneedling and PRP

Each December 31 brings both regret and hope as Old Father Time, armed with his scythe, gets supplanted by the fresh-faced new year. While others might feel nostalgic for their lost youth and make drunken resolutions to improve their lives (which they never keep), you have a different strategy. 

After all, isn’t Father Time’s scythe just an early version of a skin-rejuvenating microblade?  And these days, you know he should be carrying an even more powerful set of tools: a state-of-the-art microneedling device and a syringe filled with skin-nourishing platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

The easiest resolutions ever

So while your friends resolve to lose 10 pounds or double their incomes or call their parents more often, you’ve picked something easy and guaranteed to work. In fact, you don’t even have to do anything to keep your resolution except show up at OBGYN Care of Houston

You’ve resolved to turn back the clock and thwart Father Time by synergizing the powers of microneedling and PRP. Yes, your resolution is to get a little new year’s treat that’s also known as a Vampire Facial®. You rebuild your skin from the inside out … and relax, listen to your tunes, or read the latest tweets while you do it.

First, resolve to make more collagen

Let’s face it: The reason it’s time for a Vampire Facial is that your skin isn’t as strong, firm, and healthy looking as it used to be. You may even be dealing with issues such as:

Your skin produces fewer necessary proteins, like collagen and elastin, as you age. But a microneedling treatment reminds your skin to get back to work. When your OBGYN of Houston expert passes the microneedle device over your face, neck, and chest, the sterile needles create tiny wound channels in your skin that signal your body to make more collagen and elastin.

Over the next few months, your skin gets as busy as a new gym member hitting the treadmill. Starting from its deepest layers, your skin remodels itself with new strands of collagen and elastin, and also builds new blood vessels to help stay nourished and toxin-free. 

Second, resolve to add in growth factors

By adding PRP to your microneedling treatment, you accelerate the entire process of collagen remodeling. Your OBGYN Care of Houston expert creates the PRP serum by drawing a small amount of your arm blood and then separating out the platelets. The platelets are full of growth factors and other substances that your skin needs to rebuild itself after microneedling.

When your aesthetician brushes the PRP serum on your microneedled skin, the healing platelets seep into the tiny holes. The growth factors reach the deeper layers of your skin and help it rebuild itself to be stronger, firmer, and better hydrated.

A Vampire Facial gets its name because it draws on the healing powers of blood. But just as vampires live longer than normal human lifespans, Vampire Facials give your skin extra life, too. Regular Vampire Facials not only make your skin healthier and look younger, they may allow you to avoid more invasive treatments down the road.

Resolve to get younger this new year with a Vampire Facial that harnesses the powers of microneedling and PRP. Call our friendly team or use the online form to request an appointment  Happy new you!

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