Recharge Your Sex Drive With the O-Shot and P-Shot

Time and aging bring changes to relationships, including a diminished focus on sexuality. But if either you or your partner — or both of you — aren’t feeling satisfied by your romantic relationship, you don’t have to settle for less. 

At OBGYN Care of Houston, our expert gynecologist, Sharon Smith, MD, offers two cutting-edge solutions for diminished libido: the O-Shot® for women and the P-Shot® for men. 

Here’s how these novel therapies can give your sex life a shot in the arm. 

Give some blood for your love

Both the O-Shot and P-Shot are fueled by the healing and regenerative powers of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is a serum that we create from your own blood. After taking a simple blood draw that’s similar to the amount of blood you give for tests, we spin your blood in a centrifuge to separate out the healing platelets. 

The O-Shot for women gets its name from the “o” in orgasm. The P-Shot for men gets its name from the “p” in Priapus, the well-endowed minor Roman god of fertility.

As you might guess, Dr. Smith delivers the O-Shot and P-Shot platelet serums into the exact areas that need to be revived and rejuvenated. In women, Dr. Smith injects the upper area of your vagina, near the entrance. In men, she injects the shaft of your penis.

PRP encourages renewal and rebuilding

The way the O-Shot and P-shot work is that the PRP serum delivers the ingredients of healing straight to damaged, lax, and aging tissues. The influx of platelets signals your body that it’s time to rebuild itself.

Blood circulation increases to your genitals, which washes away damaged tissues and toxins. Platelets carry important building blocks, such as cytokines and growth factors, that help your body replenish the key structural elements in damaged tissue, including collagen and elastin.

What you and your partner can expect

When both you and your partner opt for PRP, you each experience the benefits of rejuvenated sex organs. Women notice:

Men notice benefits such as:

When sex feels better and easier, you’re more likely to have it often. Regular physical intimacy improves your relationship and also your overall health. Orgasms encourage the production of hormones that promote calm and well-being, such as dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins. 

Results are immediate and long-lasting

Because the O-Shot and P-Shot work with your body’s rebuilding and healing processes, your benefits may accrue over several months as your tissues become stronger and stronger. But many women and men start to experience changes in sensation and orgasms after about three weeks.

Unlike pills and other remedies designed to stimulate libido, you don’t have to take the O-Shot and P-Shot over and over again. Your rejuvenated sex organs continue to perform at a more youthful level for a year or two. You can get a touch-up at that time

To find out more about how the O-Shot and P-Shot can inject energy back into your sex life, contact our Houston, Texas, office today.

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