Reasons Why You Should Consider a Vampire Procedure

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Vampire Procedure

Vampire Procedures® rejuvenating therapies use the healing powers of your own blood to combat the signs of aging and turn back time. Though they can’t make you live forever, Vampire Procedures help you look younger than you are. 

Sharon Smith, MD, an expert internist at OBGYN Care and her trained aesthetic team perform Vampire Procedures at her office in Houston, Texas. You don’t have to bare your neck, but be prepared to bare your arm. It all starts there.

What are Vampire Procedures?

Vampire Procedures are a group of therapies that restore vibrancy and resiliency to your skin and tissues by infusing them with concentrations of your own blood platelets. Platelets are the cell fragments in your blood that are responsible for wound healing and rebuilding tissue.

All of the Vampire Procedures are a type of platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), which athletes, celebrities, and the general population have used over the past decade or so to accelerate wound healing. 

They’re also used to prompt your skin to produce new cells, new collagen and elastin, and new blood vessels. 

At our office, we offer a number of therapies that use PRP, including the O-Shot® and P-Shot®, which restore sexual function and pleasure to women and men, respectively. We also perform Vampire Facials® and Vampire Facelifts® for all genders. 

Each Vampire procedure starts with a blood draw from your arm. We spin the blood in a sterile centrifuge, which separates the healing platelets. We mix them in with your blood’s plasma (the liquid portion of your blood) and then inject the serum directly into your treatment areas.

Why should you consider Vampire Procedures? Here are just a few reasons.

Vampire Procedures are based on you

Rather than relying solely on injected chemicals or high-tech devices, Vampire Procedures amplify your body’s natural healing powers. Vampire Procedures provide the ingredients that help your cells rebuild themselves, from the inside out. 

Platelets are filled with proteins and growth factors that support your cells. By stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin as well as helping to build new blood vessels that bring increased circulation, Vampire Procedures turn back time on your cells.

Vampire Procedures don’t take long

Unlike a facelift, which may require months of downtime and patience until you see your final results, Vampire Procedures require very little recovery time. Within days, the soreness and swelling generally subside. Within weeks, your skin starts to rebuild itself.

You also don’t have to go into the hospital or recover from anesthesia. We perform Vampire procedures right in the safety and comfort of our offices.

Vampire Procedures restore youthful facial contours

Depending on your needs, our aesthetic team may recommend either a Vampire Facial or a Vampire Facelift. Each rebuilds your skin cells and promotes the production of new collagen and elastin to make your skin firmer and stronger. 

Vampire Facial

In a Vampire Facial, we first brush the PRP serum on your skin. Then we use microneedles to create thousands of tiny channels in your skin so that the PRP can reach your skin’s deepest layers. The microwounds themselves trigger a healing process, but it’s boosted by the presence of PRP’s nutrients.

Vampire Facelift

A Vampire Facelift combines the immediate volumizing effects of dermal fillers with the healing and rejuvenating power of PRP. First, we restore the contours of your face with dermal fillers. Next, we inject the PRP. The fillers provide a scaffold that supports the new tissue growth stimulated by PRP. 

Vampire Procedures restore sexuality and pleasure

Just as your skin sags and your hair thins as you age, your sexual organs atrophy, too. 

For women, this means that orgasm may be harder to achieve, vaginas feel dry and uncomfortable, and sex becomes painful. For men, erections are more difficult to achieve and maintain. For both sexes, libidos may crash. 

The O-Shot®

The O-Shot is a Vampire Procedure that restores your vagina and surrounding urogenital tissues. Though your doctor injects the PRP into your vagina, your clitoris and labia and urogenital organs are rejuvenated, too. 

That means better sexual response and fewer problems with incontinence. And yes, the “O” stands for “orgasm”!

The P-Shot®

The P-Shot is a Vampire Procedure that restores functionality to your penis. By rejuvenating tissues and building new blood vessels, you’re better able to achieve an erection and maintain it until orgasm. The “P” stands for Priapus, an ancient male god of fertility who was extremely endowed.

Why turn to a surgeon for rejuvenation, when the secrets to youth and vitality are in your own blood? Learn more about how Vampire Procedures can make you feel beautiful, sexy, and just a touch immortal by calling our team at our Houston, Texas, office. You can also use our online form.

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