Love Your Body This Year with SculpSure

SculpSure, OBGYN Care Of Houston

Your health is important to you, and so you’ve made it a priority each new year to increase your activity level and add healthier foods to your diet. And it’s paid off: You have more energy, you lost the extra pounds your doctor told you to shed, and you look great.

But you still have a muffin top. Or thunder thighs. Or saddle bags. Or love handles. Or maybe it’s just an annoying double chin.

Whatever you call your excess fatty bulges, you don’t have to live with them in 2019. And you don’t have to make a resolution, either — just an appointment for SculpSure® by Cynosure® at OBGYN Care, Houston’s top-ranked gynecology and obstetrics practice.

How SculpSure sculpts you

When all you need to do is remove a few inches of excess, exercise-resistant fat, FDA-cleared SculpSure is a quick and painless way to do it without spending hours in the gym or days starving yourself thin. SculpSure uses controlled heat to gently disrupt the function of exercise-resistant fat cells, so they begin to disintegrate and are gradually eliminated from your body. Permanently.

Each SculpSure session destroys about 24% of fat cells from each treated area. Most women and men benefit from a series of three treatments, leaving about a month or two between each treatment.

Be bathing-suit ready for summer

Whether you’re headed for the beach or just headed to the local shops to find the top summer fashions, you want to be in your best shape possible as soon as the weather warms up. Starting your SculpSure treatments now means you’ll be at or near your target figure when you’re ready to hit the beach.

Or use your treatment to jumpstart a new you

While other body-contouring methods demand that you already be at your goal weight, you can take another approach with SculpSure. Even if you have a body mass index (BMI) of up to 43, you can use SculpSure to trim away fatty bulges to make your figure look more proportional. Your new, better contoured shape may inspire you to get in the best shape of your life.

Take a load off, too

SculpSure treatments are completely relaxing, so you can use your treatment session to read, catch up on emails, or meditate. You simply lie back in the treatment chair and let the SculpSure applicators do the work as they melt away fat from your:

You can also choose to treat multiple areas during one appointment.

Then jump right back

Unlike liposuction and other body-contouring treatments that aren’t as comfortable, you don’t need compression garments or downtime with SculpSure. You may be a little tender or swollen for a few hours or days, but you can go back to work and enjoy your normal activities directly after your treatment.


To find out if SculpSure is the right way for you to love your body, call us for a consultation or request an appointment through our online system on this website.

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