How Will I Know If My Pregnancy Is Considered High Risk?

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Hearing about high-risk pregnancies may make you nervous about conceiving a child. Could your pregnancy be considered high-risk? And if it is, what does that mean for you and your baby?

At OBGYN Care of Houston, our doctors and staff have years of experience helping women with high-risk pregnancies deliver healthy, happy babies. In fact, we’re Houston’s top-ranked gynecology and obstetrics practice.

While it may make you worried to hear the words “high risk” applied to your new or potential pregnancy, that label ensures that you and your baby get the extra care and attention you both need.

The three most common reasons you may have a high-risk pregnancy are your health, your pregnancy history, and what happens while you’re pregnant.

1. Your health

Even before you get pregnant, your OB/GYN may tell you that your pregnancy would be considered high risk. That doesn’t mean you should rethink your plans; it’s just a signal that you need to be extra careful about your health, follow your doctor’s instructions, and be sure to get all of your recommended exams and tests.

Your pregnancy is labeled high risk based on risk factors, such as:

Your doctor either eliminates or helps you manage any underlying infections, diseases, or other conditions that could complicate your pregnancy.

2. Your history of prior pregnancies

If you’ve had fertility problems or trouble carrying other children to term, your pregnancy is labeled high risk. Let your doctor know if you’ve miscarried before, so she can give you the focused attention you need to keep yourself and your baby healthy.  

3. The pregnancy itself

Finding out that you’re pregnant is thrilling, but it’s just the first step in your journey. Your pregnancy may be labeled high risk if:

Your OB/GYN specialists carefully monitor your pregnancy during each trimester, so any potential problems can be identified early. Regular blood tests and ultrasounds let your doctors track your baby’s progress.

How to manage a high-risk pregnancy

If your pregnancy is high risk, your doctor gives you all the support and care you need for a healthy delivery. You’ll have extra appointments at OBGYN Care of Houston to be sure your pregnancy progresses normally.

Your doctor may also consult with local perinatologists to ensure your baby’s optimal health and keep your pregnancy uneventful. If you are being treated for health conditions, your OB/GYN coordinates your care with your medical team.

Your specialists at OBGYN Care of Houston also optimize your health by being sure that your immunizations are up to date. They recommend taking 400 mcg of folate daily, even before you become pregnant. You’ll be advised on how to eat a healthy diet filled with fresh vegetables and fruits, and how to exercise safely at each stage of pregnancy.


If you have a high-risk pregnancy, you’re not alone. The expert OB/GYNs at OBGYN Care of Houston are ready to support you and your baby. Just call us or request an appointment through our online system.

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