How Can the P-Shot® Enhance My Sex Life?

How Can the P-Shot® Enhance My Sex Life?

Named after the Greek god of virility, the Priapus Shot — also known as the P-Shot® — brings new hope to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) due to aging or disease. 

This treatment builds on the long-term success of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies that are used for everything from accelerating healing to regrowing scalp hair.

In one trial, almost 70% of treated patients saw a clinically significant benefit to their erections. Doctors who’ve been specially trained in administering P-Shots use it to treat:

If your partner has trouble with erections, Sharon Smith, MD, an expert gynecologist and certified provider of both the O-Shot® for female orgasms and P-Shot® for erections, wants to help. She and our team at OBGYN Care in Houston, Texas, are committed to your happy, spontaneous sex life. Here’s how the P-Shot can help. 

The P-shot revitalizes tissue

Many cases of ED are due to the same factors that cause facial and body skin to thin and sag. The cells lose energy. The surrounding blood vessels deteriorate, too. 

In Peyronie’s disease, scar tissue builds up and deforms the penis. A P-Shot acts on penile tissue by stimulating a healing process and providing the building blocks to accelerate remodeling, namely growth factors and proteins.

Like other PRP treatments, the P-Shot starts with a blood draw from your arm. Dr. Smith and our team then use a special sterile centrifuge to isolate your healing platelets and concentrate them in a serum made of your own blood plasma.

You apply a numbing cream to the shaft and head of your penis. Once sensation is dulled, Dr. Smith uses a very fine needle to inject the PRP directly into penile tissue to stimulate the healing process that rebuilds your penis and its blood supply. 

The P-shot improves sensitivity

When you increase blood flow to the penis and rebuild tissue, the nerves revitalize, too. If you’ve found that your libido is low because you don’t have the intense sensation you used to have in your youth, that begins to change.

Touch is more stimulating than before the P-Shot. You may find that your orgasms are quicker, more intense, and longer. 

The P-shot enhances firmness 

When your penile tissues are enhanced and blood flow increases to the penis, your erections are harder. Firm erections make penetration easier and more pleasurable.

Another benefit is that the firmness lasts throughout intercourse, until you’re ready to climax. In some instances, the P-Shot even improves the length or girth of your penis. In addition to the P-Shoot itself, Dr. Smith gives you a penile pump to help encourage blood flow to the penis.

Many men have stopped taking ED meds altogether after their P-Shot. Others have been able to decrease the dose or frequency. 

The effects are immediate

Unlike other nonpharmacologic treatments for ED, you can see (and feel) the results of your O-Shot within a day or two — sometimes even immediately after your treatment.

Part of the immediate benefit in size is from the fluid in the P-Shot. As your body absorbs the water and the growth factors, you may see a small decrease in volume. But over the next weeks to months, growth recurs due to the tissue-rebuilding process that the PRP triggers.

Not everyone benefits from a P-Shot. Smokers see the least benefit because smoking interferes with your circulatory system. Solid, long-lasting erections require healthy blood vessels. 

Find out how an P-Shot can bring romance, spontaneity, and reliability back to your erections and your love life. Call our team at our Houston, Texas, office or use our online form to book a P-Shot appointment today.

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