5 Ways the O-Shot Injection Can Help Improve Your Life

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The O-Shot® is one of the regenerative procedures that we offer at OBGYN Care of Houston in Houston, Texas. The O-Shot harnesses the healing powers of your own blood to reinvigorate your tissues and restore their health.

What does that have to do with sex, orgasms, and a better life?  Intensifying orgasms is actually what the O-Shot was originally designed for and how it got its name (yes, the “O” stands for orgasm).

To restore and revitalize your urogenital tissues with the O-Shot, one of our team of experts at OBGYN Care of Houston draws a small amount of blood from your arm and then spins it in a special sterile centrifuge that separates out the healing platelets. We then create a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) serum with up to five to 10 times the normal amount of platelets and use that to stimulate the growth of new cells, blood vessels, and collagen in your urogenital tissues.

Should you get an O-Shot? To help you decide, here are five ways the O-Shot can improve your life:

1. Orgasms are more intense

Whether you’ve hit menopause or not, who wouldn’t want a better orgasm? The O-Shot is delivered straight into your G-spot — a small rough area on the upper wall of your vagina, near the opening, which is connected to your clitoris.

The O-Shot’s rich, rejuvenating serum creates new blood vessels that restore and boost sensation to your clitoris and vagina. Not only do you feel more, you climax more easily, more often, and with greater intensity.

2. Sex feels better than ever

The O-Shot also stimulates neocollagenesis so that your vaginal walls are thicker and more youthful, and produce more lubricating moisture to increase your comfort and excitement during intercourse.

If you’ve hit menopause, you may have started dreading sex because your vagina feels so dry. After your O-Shot treatment, you be lubricated again, so intercourse becomes exciting and comfortable.

3. You don’t have to stifle your laughs (or your sneezes)

Just when you thought you’d never have to wear a pad again (one of the benefits of menopause), you realize that you can’t laugh or sneeze, or even cough without leaking a little urine. But before you stock up on panty liners to catch the dribbles, consider the O-Shot.

Not only does the O-Shot rejuvenate your vagina and clitoris with fresh new blood vessels and growth factors, its rejuvenating benefits spread throughout your entire urogenital system. That includes your urethra, bladder, and ureters. The O-Shot improves or eliminates:

If you have incontinence issues, you may benefit from other treatments, too, including Botox® to relax your bladder.

4. You look prettier down there

Who needs labiaplasty, when you have an O-Shot? If you’ve been contemplating surgery, or just have lost confidence in the appearance of your most private lady parts, the O-Shot can help. The increased blood supply and collagen remodeling that’s stimulated by the presence of all those platelets and growth factors doesn’t just affect your clitoris and vagina — it affects your labia and vulva, too.

As your vulva gets flushed and reinvigorated with more blood and collagen, your skin builds itself up again. Both your outer lips and your inner lips look plumper and thicker — like they did when you were young. Your inner lips also turn a rosier and healthier shade of pink or red.

5. You can say goodbye lichen sclerosus

If you have the smooth, white, itchy patches of lichen sclerosus, an O-Shot helps clear them away. Your skin rebuilds itself, to become thicker, firmer, and more moist. The spots and itchiness fade away.

If you’re ready to improve your sex life and the rest of your life with an O-Shot, call us today. You can also book a consultation with our easy online form.

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