3 Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

OBGYN Care of Houston Minimally Invasive Surgery,Drs. Sharon Smith and Jennifer Whitelock

If you need an operation to improve your reproductive health, restore your fertility, or alleviate pain, you may be reluctant to move forward because of all the complications that traditional surgery brings. You know you have to take care of yourself, but you want to avoid the long recovery period that prohibits you from working and engaging in normal daily activities for weeks to months at a time.

Depending on your situation, you may be a candidate for minimally invasive gynecologic surgery at OBGYN Care of Houston. Drs. Sharon Smith and Jennifer Whitelock are both experts in laparoscopic and other minimally invasive techniques that help you regain your health without upending your life. At OBGYN Care of Houston, our expert surgeons even offer the option of state-of-the art daVinci® robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery.

The experts at OBGYN Care of Houston use minimally invasive techniques to perform:

Large tumors or complicated conditions may not be right for minimally invasive techniques. Whenever possible, though, the experts at OBGYN Care of Houston recommend laparoscopy and daVinci because of three important benefits:

Smaller incisions and scars

When a surgeon performs traditional gynecologic surgery through the abdomen, she makes a large incision that may run from one pelvic bone to the next. The incision cuts through your muscles, which are separated and held apart during surgery.

With minimally invasive surgery, your surgeon either makes a number of small incisions in the pelvic area or may even be able to hide a single incision inside your belly button or vagina. Your surgeon then inserts a small camera into an incision, which sends a magnified, 3-D color signal to a monitor so she can visualize your organs.

In the other incisions, she carefully places tiny, flexible, highly responsive surgical tools that she either controls directly by hand or through manipulating the daVinci console.

After your minimally invasive surgery, your surgeon needs only one to three stitches to close your incisions. When healed, the scars are barely noticeable, or if they’re in your vagina or navel, they can’t be seen at all.

Less pain and less blood loss

Smaller incisions and more precise surgical instruments translate into less postoperative pain. The smaller incisions also mean that you bleed less during surgery, minimizing your need for transfusions or other procedures that could lengthen your surgery and your recovery period.

Faster recovery

The experts at OBGYN Care of Houston often perform minimally invasive surgery on an outpatient basis. If your doctor performs your minimally invasive surgery in the hospital, you can expect to be released within 24 hours.

The recovery period for a traditional surgical approach to gynecological conditions may run up to six weeks or more. Even though you can resume most activities at that time, you may still be stiff for weeks to months afterward.  With minimally invasive surgery, though, you can return to work and your regular routine in just a few days to up to three weeks, depending on the type of procedure you had.

If you need gynecologic surgery, talk to the experts at OBGYN Care of Houston about minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery and daVinci robot-assisted laparoscopy. Call us today or book an appointment online.

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